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Bio-Glitter: The Future of Glitter is Green 🌏

November. 15 . 2023

Difference in Bio-Degradable Glitter & Traditional PET Glitter

An Eco-Friendly Solution:

Glitter is popular for many occasions, such as festivals, parties, and crafts. However, most of it is made from tiny plastic under 1 mm, which can harm the environment when it ends up in the oceans and landfills. Biodegradable craft glitter is a kind of glitter that is made from natural and plant-based materials. It is eco-friendly and biodegradable, especially in fresh water environments.

The Break Down of a Tiny Glitter.

The Break Down of a Tiny Glitter

The traditional plastic glitter is polymer plastic with metal coated and color coated , makes it not break down easily, and not friendly to the environment. That’s why we replace the plastic into Bio-degradable material, make glitter that can break down into harmless substances in water or soil.

The Compostable Materials we use:

Nowadays, people are seeking better solutions that are friendly to our planet, we replace the plastic center of the glitter into the Cellulose or the PLA. The Cellulose is source from wood, and the PLA is sourced from corn.

What does it look like when glitter is composted?

We tested the red bio degradable glitter, by soaking it in water for 1 month. The center was biodegraded, and in the photo, you can see the red color coating and the alumina coating left. The lab will test the glitter by soaking it in water, seawater, and soil.

red biodegradable glitter

Want to add bio degradable glitter to your product range?

We have 45 color of the Biodegradable Glitter available, welcome to inquiry our standard products or Contact us for customized. If you have any question, welcome to send email or leave a message to us. Goods ship from Taiwan. Measurement: 1/32”, 1/64”, 1/128” … and more.

Biodegradable Glitter
45 color of the Biodegradable Glitter
Green Biodegradable Glitter-PLOMA