How to Start an Order ?

November. 07 . 2023

Order Process for PLOMA Wholesale Teacher Supplier

If you want to order something, you can follow a few simple steps. Here is how you can start an order:

First, Inquiry & Quote:

Browse the website or contact us to find the interested products and services that you want to buy. We'll check all the costs like unit price, mini order quantities, sample cost, mold cost, shipping cost, and the fastest delivery according to your needs.

Second, Sample & Sample costs:
Testing the product before mass production is important, please tell us the sample quantity and shipping address, we'll discuss the all costs and the delivery date with you.

Third, Sign back the Purchase Invoice:
After the samples are approved, the costs and delivery date are clear and okay, after receiving your formal Purchase Order (Or no is fine), we'll issue a Purchase Invoice for you. Very important, before sign back the invoice, please kindly make sure all the information on it is correct.

Forth, The 30% Deposit & Production:
Based on the sum of your order, sometimes 30% deposit is needed, it can have several benefits for both parties, once we received the payment, we'll book the production schedule.

Fifth, Wait for the notification from us.
Now your goods are producing, and all you need is chill and wait for our notify. During the waiting, you can ask for a photo or video exam, no problem.

Sixth, Goods are ready to go.
We'll let you know the goods are finished and ready to go before sending them to the harbor or let the Express to pick them up. To avoid delay the in the customsm please kindly arrange the 70% balance payment before the shipment arrives in your nation.

Seventh, Arrived to your nation.
After 30-40 days of traveling half of the earth, the goods finally arrived to your nation. At this stage, all the documents needed to clear the custom will be provided already.

Eighth, Good Received, open it!
All the goods are well packed before sending, but please kindly examine the goods once you received them. You can always find us by email or phone if you have any questions.

Congratulations, you have successfully started an order! 🎉

I hope this article helps you. If you need more assistance, please let us know. 😊