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2023 Ambiente Fair has ended successfully!

February. 08 . 2023

PLOMA Educational Resources
 Tuesday, February 07, 2023

 Hi friends, I'm Larry.

The Ambiente Fair has ended sucessfully, thank you for all the friends visiting us this year. It so nice to see you guys.

Tuesday, January 03, 2023

  Hi friends, I'm Larry.

Our booth number is 10.1 D04B.
The 2023 Ambiente Fair (Frankfurt am main, Germany), will be hold from 3 FEB to 7 FEB 2023, and our booth number is 10.1 D04B, welcome to stop by. Me, Mark, and Irene will be there waiting for you.

1. The new 2023 products are there!
PLOMA Educational Resources
Since 2010, we have been participating the oversea trade shows. The paper world, that known as Ambiente fair now, is the one that we attend almost every year. For sure we are going to bring the latest new products from 2020 to 2022 to you.

2. Feel the high product quality by yourself.
PLOMA Educational Resources
About 5 months before the exhibition, we’ll start prepare the exhibition products. We we’ll pick up not only the new arrivals, but also the class, hot-sale products. All our 13 colleagues will cooperate to prepare over 100 products, usually they will be shipped 2 months by sea to arrive to exhibition. Wish you can find inspirations in our booth, and feel the high-quality by yourself.

Before the day of the show, we’ll arrived to the exhibition hall, and spend about half day putting all the products on the shelfs, arrange the name card, the water bottles, just get everything prepared for the next day.
PLOMA Educational Resources

PLOMA Educational Resources  PLOMA Educational Resources

3. Face to face with us.
representatives will handle your inquiry when they arrived to office at the morning. Although the working time at Germany is our off-work time at Taiwan, but we still want to handle your inquiry efficiently.
PLOMA Educational Resources  PLOMA Educational Resources

We look forward to see our old friends after the long 2 years, and get to know the new friends. Make sure to drop by and look around, you might find new inspirations! So, again, 
Our booth number is 10.1 D04B.
We’ll see you there. 😊
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All the best.